Fantastic Fleamarket Limited


The Fantastic Flea Market was established in 1976.  It is the oldest and longest running market in the GTA.

A visit to the Fantastic Flea Market is something of an art show. You can expect the most unusual and unique items at very reasonable prices.

Give-aways, bargains and fun are served up every weekend. Entertainment, the hustled and bustle of bartering with varied, friendly vendors and the enormous bargains to be had are compelling reasons why the popularity of the Fantastic Flea Market continues into its 30th year of operation.

Open from 10am until 5pm every Saturday and Sunday. All year around.



Page Marketing Project Involvement: Status-ACTIVE

Page Marketing Consultants was approached by the management of the Fantastic Fleamarket in August 2012 to generate more traffic to its 15+ year old website ( and subsequently to its retail location in the lower level of the Dixie Outlet Mall at 1250 South Service Road in Mississauga Ontario, L5E 1V4. From August 2012 to December 2012, Page Marketing staff (after considerable analysis and meetings) decided that rebuilding was not an option because it is an HTML website with 15 years of rankings. The consultants decided to build a landing page website to drive traffic to the original website. The first website http://www. was initiated in August 2012 and completed in early September 2012. The landing page website was a huge success. It used the latest theme and allowed the creation of individual pages for each of the 100 vendors of the Fantastic Fleamarket. Page Marketing also produced 14 video website with one of them obtaining 10,000 views:

The video marketing strategy for the Fantastic Fleamarket has been a huge success and they continue to generate traffic to

Change and Challenges 2013-2017

From 2013-2015, Page Marketing Consultants continued to make important and necessary changes to improve the speed and responsiveness of the website for potential customers to visit it and travel to the retail location. However, some problems began to surface as started disappearing from a number of search engines. After an exhaustive analysis by internal and external SEO experts, it was concluded that the website was being attacked by hackers and there was a need for cybersecurity tools to protect it. Between 2016-2018, was rebuilt and changed to .org at least twice. The website again was hacked in 2017 and rebuilt with the .org designation and stronger cybersecurity measures were implemented.



Movement towards Social Media Management 2016-2017

Due to a number of unforseen circumstances, Page Marketing Consultants was asked by the management of the Fantastic Fleamarket Limited to undertake operational control of its Facebook page: in 2016. In fact it was a good sign as Page Marketing agreed with management that social media communications must be an intergral part to connect with customers. In 2017 Page Marketing added an,, and G+ page to the website. Video reviews were added to the channel.



Renewal in 2018

In the Summer of 2018, A number of vendors approached Page Marketing Consultants that referrers to a non-profit or educational/government institutions and not good for traffic generation to physical retail locations. Management was advised of the issue and asked us to investigate the issue and provide a solution. The staff of Page Marketing conducted an in depth analysis on the issues of whether a .org is better that a .ca or .net. Professional SEO companies indicated on articles like Search Engine Land that it does not matter, because what drives traffic to websites in 2018 are content, e-mail marketing, videos and white papers.

Nevertheless, Page Marketing Consultants (after considerable analysis and review) agreed to explore the option to create a The goal was to respond to the need to modernize the website to respond to new e-commerce designs that highlight products as well as vendors. In addition the new website would be faster, have better security, be more appealing to customers and better integrate with and the existing social media channels and the Fantastic Fleamarket Flyer. Lastly the new website can be used for e-mail marketing and communicating newsletters to market promotions, specials and offers.

The new website https://www.mississauga-fleamarket,net/ has been built and is under review by the management of the Fantastic Fleamarket.






Hitch City


Hitch City


Hitch City’s roots go back to 1969 with a 5 bay service station located in Mississauga. Over the years we evolved from an auto repair shop into the trailer hitch and vehicle accessory specialists we are today. Since 1991, Hitch City has expanded to three retail locations: Mississauga, Scarborough and Barrie.

Our product lines have also expanded over the years to include: Draw-Tite, Hidden Hitch, Reese and Curt towing products. We carry: Leer and Raider truck caps & tonneau covers, and Rhino Spray-On bed liners. Arctic, Western, Fisher, SnoWay Snow plows, Husqvarna, Ferris, Kawasaki and eXmark commercial lawn mowers. We are well-known for having a host of accessories to suit almost every pick-up, van and car on the road today.

Our family of knowledgeable staff stays ahead of the constantly changing technology, trends and styles through continuing education, manufacturers’ training and trade shows. We buy direct from all of our major suppliers. In doing so, we receive the best possible prices to ensure that we remain competitive for our valued customers.


Page Marketing Project Involvement

In June 2012, Page Marketing Consultants presented an SEO and Video Marketing Proposal to Mr Peter Pilotas who is the President of the Company. Mr Pilotas goal was to increase the exposure of his company on the internet and drive corporate and consumer customers to its website ( stores. The flagship store was located at 5170 Dixie Road Mississauga, ON L4W 1E3 while the remaining two stores were located in Scarborough and Barrie. During the 6 month contract, Page Marketing undertook On and Off Page Optimization of Hitch City’s Website and undertook the production of at least 10 picture videos and built a channel for the company.

Hitch City Flagship Video.

In the Fall of 2012, Hitch City wanted to venture into professional video branding by marketing a flagship video for the company. Page Marketing retained the services of John Temu of ? and the video production took two days. Our Company hired Mr Ferdinand Meurer( to be our Chief Video Producer and Editor. It took two month (all of November and December 2012) to edit the video. Hitch City reviewed the video 60 times and recommended a number of changes. The final product below was originally a 3.17 minute video of Hitch City which received 2,800 views. The video below has been edited down by Hitch City.

Hitch City response to the final version of the corporate video has been one of satisfaction (due to the considerable editing) and excitement. It has been well received by  corporate and retail customers and the President (Mr Pilotas )informed staff of Page Marketing in an informal meeting sometime in 2015 that the video generated over $250,000 in business that year, more that what they spent on Google Adwords per year.