Getting your Website to Rank in Google, Yahoo & BING

Search engine optimization or SEO traditionally involved building a website, having it indexed via links, Meta tags and directories and hope it shows up in Google and rank for the right keywords. Today, there are better and more effective techniques of SEO. By using our SEO services for your website, you will notice higher search engine optimization, greater volume of targeted traffic and an increase level of conversion by customers asking for your services.

Search Engine Optimization Strategies must reach your customers.

A great search engine campaign strategy begins with understanding your target market and “branding” who you are and what you do. In this way a local business can have a tailor made internet marketing strategy to attract customers/clients.

How does Search Engine Optimization Work?

Search Engine Optimization Marketing is a way to put your website in front of those people who are actively searching online for what you have to offer. In other words a well-executed search engine optimization (SEO) campaign will bring potential customers to your business via the internet. The following are steps that we use when launching a web optimization campaign:

Why Are Keywords So Important?

Keyword research is a fundamental part of internet marketing and it identifies what you do and who you are! In SEO it helps people look for you by identifying how many websites have the word in a broad term. It is critically important for your business that specific keywords are selected to persuade visitors that the site has authority and can solve the problem, provide information etc. Lastly it is important that the internet marketing strategy allows you to out rank the competition without breaking the bank.

Why is it necessary to Do Competitive Analysis?

Competitive analysis allows us to search the internet and identify what keywords people are typing in the search engine to find you and if that targeted traffic is going to a similar business locally. It also tells us if your business is being found in the search engines or not. Also it tells us if you have claimed your Google Places, Yahoo & Bing local and if the address of the establishment is listed in business directories. Overall it helps the consulting team identify optimization problems with the internet marketing project.

When Should Website Design and Optimization Start?

Before any work is started on the main website, it is very important to undertake an analysis of it. Our technical experts will identify how the website was built. In the past most websites were built using HTML 1-4. However, due to the degree of difficulty in the programming language most websites are now being built in Word press/ Word press Joomla. It is also necessary to understand if Google can see codes that describe your website such as keywords, Meta tags-H1-H3 and if it can be properly seen by the other search engines. Next a Word press site is built (if necessary?) using a theme that conveys the image of the company and organization. Then the optimization of the website begins where selected keywords, categories, citations, business operations and reviews are exactly optimized with Google Places, Yahoo & Bing local etc. A linking strategy usually starts at this point.

How do you Maintain Your Ranking in the Search Engines?

When your website is finished through the design and optimization review process, it should have a look and feel of a site that clearly “brands” who you are and what you do. When fully optimized the website should make visitors enjoy or at least find the information that they are looking for and be encouraged to take action (opt in, free report, consultation, discount coupon etc.). Back linking refers to strategies to push your website to the top of Google, Yahoo and Bing. The first approach is to produce videos, articles(one page letters describing your business) and post or receive comments in blogs and forums. The second approach is to post to Web 2.0 sites, RSS feeds, Press Releases, Social Bookmarking and do it using selected/new keywords over time.

Search Engine Optimization Marketing for your business.

Our search engine optimization (SEO) services are designed to increase your search engine rankings and keep you there. By choosing the right keywords, implementing them strategically on your website and adding the necessary link development, your web optimization campaign will start driving targeted traffic that will increase your businesses bottom line.

Page Marketing has a 5 step  SEO process:

1) Needs Assessment-What is the problem? What does the Marketing Audit tell us about your business marketing strengths and weaknesses.

2) Strategy and Planning-Keyword Research and Competition analysis; Account Setup; Off Page Optimization; Off Page Back-linking; On Page Optimization; Social Media Management; SMS text Messaging and You Tube Video.


A) Account setup- We set up your social media accounts as well as your off site blogs to distribute fresh content to the internet.

B)Business Directories and Press Release Sites-We set up your directories such as Yellow Pages,, Manta, Pr Web and Press Network.

C)On Site Blog Authorship-Simply put we register your business with a G+ social media blog account where you can write articles and no one can plagiarize it

D)On Page Website Optimization- Fixing problems in your website from the SEO/technical audit such as Meta Tags, quality of content-keyword density, URL and navigation and Google XML Site map and lastly Google Analytics

E)Content Generation and Optimization-helping you to write Press Releases, Company newsletters, industry news, coupons, customer feedback

F)Content Distribution-We send your content through social media, social sharing plus blog sites

G)Link Building-we check how many backlinks that you have and the quality of them-There are top quality third party company that build links using human beings not software.

H)Website Speed /Optimization and Security-Google will penalize your website if it take users too long to access each of your web page. Is your website mobile/tablet friendly. Do you have security from viruses, malware and high encryption.

QUALITY CONTROL-To measure the effectiveness of the SEO strategy the marketing consultants at Page Marketing use specialized software to check your website performance. We check for speed, XML Site map structure, quality of content and use of internet security.

MEASUREMENT & FEEDBACK-Page Marketing will use Google Analytics to measure the traffic from certain levels. Are they coming from particular nations, states and provinces or cities. Is the traffic coming from smartphones/tables or desktop PC. Are visitors leaving comments on the website via Google +,,, third party directories and blogs and directories.

CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT-Page Marketing will be working with your business to review content produced for the internet. We will review content such as newsletter, articles blogs, social media, press releases and video. We can look at writing articles on emerging issues, discussing sensitive topics, working on promotional campaigns, special events and advertising or adding new services for clients-e.g.:SMS Text Messaging appointment reminder system. We could introduce podcasts, video-casts, webinars on the website on selected issues.

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