Customer reviews are a major factor in almost every type of online marketing.  And that’s because bad  reviews show up in Google maps, your Google plus listing.  It shows up on Pay Per Click.  Look right here.  You can see reviews showing up inside the Pay Per Click. They show up on website rankings, organic rankings.  They show up in local directories like Yelp and City Search and Bing and Yahoo, in Yellow Pages. Reviews are a major factor in almost every type of online marketing.  

This leads to a critical issues affecting digital marketing mainly the techniques used to rank websites such as SEO, social media, Pay Per Click, local marketing.  None of it works anymore if you have bad reviews or  bad reputation online.  It’s pretty simple.  Why would you want to do all this work and spend all this time and spend money getting to the top and doing online marketing, and when people find you all they find are bad reviews.  So really what we’ve over the last several years is a complete flip-flop in an online marketing strategy. Before we used to do Google maps or we used to do Yelp or we do video marketing.  We do blogging or we do social media.  And then we work on getting some great reviews or work on getting some customers reviews. That’s completely the opposite of what today’s marketing is about.

You need to create a five-star reputation first.  Then you market your products and services online. Because your phone is not going ring If you don’t have that  five-star reputation that companies or other businesses or customers are looking for.  First of all, reviews send you prequalified, presold customers because buyers trust reviews as much as personal recommendations. Seventy two percent of buyers trust reviews as much as personal recommendations.

It becomes clear that your business needs five star reviews on the website.  You have five star review on your listings. That’s as good as someone’s mother saying you should go buy from this company.  That’s as good as someone’s best friend saying, you know what, you should use this type of a service.  I used it.  It was amazing. That’s just good as a colleague at work saying look, if you need that, you should go to this business.  They do a great job. So seventy two percent of buyers trust reviews just as much as personal recommendations.

You are not credible without five-star reviews.  Without a five-star reputation and a minimum of ten reviews, your business just can’t be trusted when people actually find you. So this is the difference between your phone ringing and it not ringing. More importantly, this the difference between your phone not ringing and your competition’s phone ringing. So incredibly important, we need to get you not just ten reviews but ten five-star reviews, so when people see your business online, your phone rings.

What exactly is reputation marketing? Position your company as the market leader in front of thousands of buyers with simply a five-star reputation.  It’s building a five-star reputation online and then going out and then marketing that reputation which we just saw is the most powerful and most trusted type of marketing that any business can do. There are a number of ways and techniques business can use to achieve It. Check out our post on

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