Local Marketing

Past methods of marketing are showing less successful than they used to be. For example, the “Yellow Pages” is becoming a thing of the past as are high cost print material and radio ads. These marketing approaches are ineffective in today’s market place. Today’s customers are simply looking for your business in the Google search and if your company does not rank in Google, new prospects will simply go to your competitor. Statistics show that the top three companies that appear on the first page of Google get more than 50% of all the business. Companies market to get results and that is why they are turning to online marketing. If you want to be discovered and would like an increase in your traffic and exposure, then Local Marketing is the way to go. At Page Marketing, our experienced team will make sure your business website and directory lists are executed accordingly so that your company gets noticed. It is vital that each listing is carried out to a specific standard or your business will not be shown as it should. We will tailor your needs to create a Local Marketing strategy that will attract new customers to your business. As part of our Local Marketing strategy, our team will:

  • Provide in depth reporting of how you rank locally
  • Show what people are searching for in your  area
  • Update your directory listings
  • Competitive analysis of keywords, video marketing, photo marketing and geographical marketing
  • Set up and claim your Google + Local Listing

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